Project office: Mrs. Anke de Lorm
P.O. Box 65
8200 AB Lelystad, The Netherlands
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EconWelfare is a European research project aiming to provide suggestions for national and European policy makers to further improve farm animal welfare. In collaboration with stakeholder groups it collates and investigates policy options and their impacts on the livestock production chain, the animal and European society.

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EconWelfare addresses the following four key questions:

  • What are the current welfare initiatives and standards within the EU and in the EU’s most important trading countries?
  • What are the strength and weaknesses of these initiatives and standards to the animal, society and the production chain?
  • What policy instruments can be designed to promote high(er) animal welfare standards as aimed at in the Action Plan on Animal Welfare, and how can progress in the pathway towards these standards be monitored?
  • What are the benefits and costs of upgraded welfare standards and what are the implications for international trading patterns?

On the base of these four questions the project will address recommendations for sound scientific research and policy instruments to achieve the plans set out in the Action Plan.