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Stakeholder meeting
On 21 June 2011 the EconWelfare team hosted a meeting in Brussels with stakeholders involved in animal welfare policy making. Representatives from NGO’s, national policy makers, the farming community and educational establishments were informed about the findings of our project, and invited to comment on its conclusions. The discussion focussed on progressive steps in the use of welfare policy instruments (meeting legislation, creating public awareness, promoting improvement via the market), the relative position of EU Member states with respect to these steps and the possible distortion of competition by upgrading animal welfare by the EU unilaterally. It also focussed on the decision whether the market, or the authorities should provide positive incentives to promote welfare. Several other project findings were discussed. The final report of the EconWelfare project is due in September this year, and will be published following approval by the Commission.

Stakeholder conference
The project’s final stakeholder conference has been planned on 21st June 2011 in Brussels with invited representatives from different stakeholder groups. We hope to welcome participants from national governments, farmers organisations, the transport and processing sector, retail, consumer organisations, NGO’s and education. The aim of this meeting is to present and improve the draft conclusions of the final report with the help of these policy makers. Around August 1st the final reports will be submitted to the Commission. It is envisaged that these will be presented to other interested parties in 2012, possibly in collaboration with other international projects on welfare.

Core Team meeting
At the beginning of April 2011 the EconWelfare Core Team met in Macedonia. This was the final Core Team meeting before the project finishes at the end of July. Besides discussing progress on the remaining Work Packages and the process of finalizing the last deliverables, the Core Team discussed recent meetings with different organisations as well as the organisation of the stakeholder conference.

Consultation exercise
The WP3 team invited a number of experts from different stakeholder groups to take part in a consultation exercise on 9-10 March in Amsterdam. The main purpose of the meeting was to evaluate potential (combinations of) policy instruments to improve farm animal welfare in Europe. The starting point was the results of the Delphi Policy exercise, which was carried out with 200 experts from eight European countries who were asked to list the relative importance of options. This was followed by a presentation and discussion of a ‘Baysian Belief Network’ aiming to model the impact of policy decisions. Finally, the group discussed a structured way to analyse the current policy options of a sector or country. The results from the workshop will be incorporated in the final project report, due after the Summer of 2011.

We would like to invite you to join the discussion on the Statements put to stakeholders. See also the information in the 5th EconWelfare newsletter.

The  5th EconWelfare newsletter is available. In this newsletter we will inform you about the general progress, National workshops with chain stakeholders, Preliminary results on future animal welfare policies and the Development of a calculation model.

First project deliverables available as pdf documents
The deliverables “Strengths and weaknesses for the animal of upgraded welfare standards”, “Animal welfare initiatives in Europe” and “Overview of animal welfare standards and initiatives in selected EU and third countries” can now be downloaded from this website. Please see: Publications.

Poster presentation

On October 8 and 9 the EconWelfare project presented a poster to the participants of third and final Welfare Quality® Stakeholder meeting, in Uppsala Sweden. There were about 300 delegates, and over 50 of them subscribed to the EconWelfare newsletter. If you also want to be informed regularly about the progress of our project by receiving the Newsletters, please send an e-mail to