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Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali SpA (CRPA)

The Research Centre on Animal Production (CRPA), founded in 1972, is a research and consulting organisation active in the improvement of the livestock sector and the related agro-food industry by means of research, studies, dissemination and technology transfer actions. Its objectives are the conduct of research and the management of technology transfer with the aim of promoting technical, economic and social progress in the livestock farming sector and promoting the dissemination of the most advanced forms of environmentally friendly agriculture. The Centre employs a staff of 40 researchers and 20 fulltime consultants.
CRPA is specialised in practical research in the livestock sector and supply chains and focused in particular on the application of innovative production techniques in farms and in the processing industry. Next to research an important and incisive activity of CRPA is the transfer of knowledge to the livestock sector by means of the organisation of seminars and conferences as well as the publication of reference books, articles in the livestock sector press and Internet. The research group Economics of CRPA has built up expertise in the economic analysis of supply chains of animal food products in Italy covering livestock farms, processing industry, retailers and consumers. The research group Animal Housing of CRPA has expertise in the construction of animal housing systems and equipment and in the design of livestock structures. The group is in particular involved in studies concerning the evaluation of animal welfare in relation to the different animal housing systems of dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs and poultry.

Main task in project
CRPA is WP manager of WP2 on the stakeholder analysis to identify the (in)adequacy of current welfare standards. CRPA is involved in WP0, WP1, WP3 and WP4 and is part of the core team.

Experience and network
Currently the research group Economics is partner of the following EU projects: a) Welfare Quality research project (FOOD-2004-506508) b) Cross-Compliance (Facilitating the CAP reform: compliance and competitiveness of European agriculture, SSPE-CT-2005-006489) and c) COFAMI (Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives (SSPE – 2005-006541). The research group Economics is member for Italy of European Dairy Farmers (EDF), European Pig Producers (EPP) and the International Farm Comparison Network for dairy and beef (IFCN). The research group Animal Housing is working together with the research group Economics in the Welfare Quality research project.

Staff members
Dr. Kees de Roest (Ph.D) is head of the Research Group Economics of CRPA since 1984 and has a 23 year research experience in the economics of animal production systems and supply chains. He has coordinated and executed regional, national and European research projects on the technical and economic efficiency of animal production farms and processing firms. He has carried out specific research on supply chains of PDO and PGI products, the multifunctional role of agriculture and the economic assessment of environmental legislation on intensive livestock farms. Since 1988 he is member of European Association of Agricultural Economists and Italian Society of Agricultural Economics.
Mr. Franco Torelli (M.Sc.) has a 27 year research experience and is an expert in marketing and consumer behaviour research. His areas of competence are analysis of trends in consumers’ behaviour, marketing techniques for food products and statistical analysis of quantitative research and has managed over 600 focus group discussions. He has courses at the Universities of Modena, Parma and Piacenza. He carried out qualitative and quantitative consumer research in the EU projects carried out by the research group Economics of CRPA (PDO-PGI, Marketing Red Meat, Dolphins, Welfare Quality)
Mr. Alberto Menghi (M.Sc.) is since 1999 researcher of the Research Group Economics of CRPA. He is directly involved in the Welfare Quality Project, managed a regional research project on organic animal production systems and prepared an EU evaluation report of Regulation 2078/92, is involved in the national production cost analyses of milk on behalf of the ISMEA, participates at the annual congresses of the International Farm Comparison Network dedicated to dairy. He completed a four month stage period at DGIV of the European Parliament and carried out a study on the implications of the EU enlargement on organic farming in the EU.
Mr. Paolo Rossi (M.Sc.) is heading from 1988 the Research Group Animal Housing Systems of CRPA. He is coordinating several regional research project on animal welfare and has developed an indicator system for the assessment of animal welfare on farms. This dairy indicator systems (IBA) has been tested and approved by the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna and is used as a tool in the new Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 for the granting of subsidies for farmers who invest in measures which go beyond the minimal legal requirements.
Mr. Paolo Ferrari (M.Sc.) is since 1990 researcher of the Research Group Animal Housing of CRPA. He is involved in the Welfare Quality project and in national and regional projects concerning effects of housing systems on animal welfare, outdoor pig production system and dairy housing systems for organic production. He is member of Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA), European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng) and International Commission of Agricultura Engineering (CIGR).