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8200 AB Lelystad, The Netherlands
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Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (SSGW)

Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW) is the largest and strongest centre of higher agricultural education in Poland. With its 2200 staff and 25000 students it holds the 10th position in the ranking of all Polish higher education institutions. The Faculty of Agricultural Economics, and participating in the project its Department of Farm Management, have the leading position among Polish research institutions in the field of Agricultural Economics, providing a wide range of expertise in such areas as multifunctional rural development, agricultural and environmental policies, sustainable agriculture, CAP impacts on Polish Agriculture, the use of operational methods, including statistics in applied sciences. Both the Faculty and the Department have established strong scientific and educational relationships with many research and academic institutions in Poland, as well as Europe-wide, through a range of joint activities.

Main task in project
SGGW is manager of WP4 on the implications of upgraded welfare standards on farm economics and international trading patterns. Additionally they contribute to and take part in WP0-3.

Experience and network
Experience of relevance for the project:
- Mezzo –Leader in the 6th Framework Project “System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling (Seamless), 2005-2008;
- Leader of Work Package in the 6th Framework Project “Design and Economic Impact of Risk Management Tools for European Agriculture”, 2005-2008;
- Co-ordinator of research project “Sustainability indicators at the farm level” – 2003-2003;
- Co-ordinator in the PHARE – FAPA project – „Support to the MAFE in shaping the agricultural policies through the economic analysis”, 2000;
- Co-ordinator of research project “Quality Management in Polish farming sector”. 1998-2000;
- Co-ordinator of PHARE ACE research project “Evaluation of farm level impacts of agricultural policy developments in the process of further EU integration in selected Vysegrad and EU countries”; 1998-2000;
- Co-ordinator of the Sustainable Agriculture Program, 1992-1996; Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA)

Staff members
Prof. Edward Majewski (Ph.D) is a staff member of the Farm Management Department. Main fields of his scientific interests are sustainable agriculture, farming systems, impacts of CAP on Polish Agriculture, sustainability indicators and adoption of agro-environmental measures by farmers. Dr Majewski plays a leading role in Poland in disseminating the sustainability concept, specifically implementation of Integrated Farming System (IFS). In last years Dr Majewski has been extensively co-operating with a number of partners from the EU and CEE countries, also co-ordinating EU funded research and educational projects (Phare ACE, LdV). At present he is involved in realization of 6 Framework projects Seamless and Income Stabilization.
Mr Waldemar Guba (Senior Researcher) is at present Head of the Department of Current Market Organization and Trade in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Previously, Senior Economist in the Agricultural Policy Analysis Unit (SAEPR/FAPA). He was active in preparing for negotiations on accession with the EU providing economic analyses of agro-food sector in medium term (market integration, agro-food trade, Poland-EU food policy harmonization. He was also a Polish representative at the OECD working groups on agriculture and trade. He has conducted a number of studies for international organizations: “Determinants of Farm-Retail Price Margins and Agro-Food Market Functioning in Transition Economies”, “Agricultural Price Policy in Poland. Regional and Income Distribution Perspective“ (for the World Bank), “Agro-food Price Development in Poland” (for the EU Directorate-General for Agriculture - DG VI).
Dr. Agata Malak-Rawlikowska (Ph.D.) is a researcher in the Farm Management Department (Faculty of Agricultural Economics). Main fields of her scientific interests are agricultural and farm economics, impact of policy measures on agriculture, dairy industry organization. She has an experience in the international projects (Phare, 6th FP, RegoverningMarkets, Interreg).