Project office: Mrs. Anke de Lorm
P.O. Box 65
8200 AB Lelystad, The Netherlands
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Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) was formed in 1977 through the joining together of three previously independent university colleges. It is the only agricultural and veterinary university in Sweden and is unique among other universities in that it is located under the Ministry of Agriculture and therefore also has an important advisory role and sector responsibility. Sweden has traditionally had a strong interest in animal welfare and the Department of Animal Environment and Health has been carrying out high quality research in the area for over 30 years with a strong international network of collaborators. Members are/have been active in most relevant national forums as well as internationally e.g. Council of Europe, and EU/EFSA scientific committees. The research focus was farm animal welfare but is now extended to include companion animal welfare. There is considerable combined experience of managing large national and international projects.

Main task in project
SLU manages WP3 on the development of policy instruments in the route towards the aims of the Action Plan on Animal Welfare. Furthermore, SLU is involved in WP0, WP1, WP2 and WP4 and are part of the core team.

Experience and network
Linda Keeling will be the main representative involved in this project. She is:
- Co-ordinator of the 5-country Nordic research project ‘Group housing and managing horses under Nordic conditions: strategies to improve horse welfare and human safety’
- Sub project leader and partner of ‘Welfare Quality: Integration of Integration of animal welfare in the food quality chain: from public concern to improved welfare and transparent quality’
- Partner in the EU project ‘Feather pecking solutions through understanding’
- Country representative in COST Action on measuring and monitoring animal welfare

Staff members
Prof. Linda Keeling (Ph.D.) holds the Chair in Animal Welfare at SLU with overall responsibility for teaching and research in the area. She will be the main person in the department involved in this project. She is a member of the Board of the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency, former editor of the journal ‘Animal Welfare’ and former president of the International Society of Applied Ethology. She is active at several levels in the animal welfare debate in Sweden and abroad and is a regular speaker on animal welfare at international meetings. She has considerable experience managing projects. She is the coordinator of an inter Nordic research project on horse welfare and sub project leader in the EU project Welfare Quality as well as leader of many smaller projects. She has been a member of several EU/EFSA/Council of Europe scientific working groups.
Also located in the Department of Animal Environment and Health are Prof. Harry Blokhuis who is taking up the Chair in Ethology and Prof. Bo Algers who is Professor of Animal Hygiene. Both are members to the Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare of the European Food Safety Authority and are active nationally and internationally in the area of animal welfare policy. Harry Blokhuis is currently coordinator of the project Welfare Quality and has been coordinator of several other EU projects and networks. Bo Algers was in the Programme coordinating team of a large Swedish project on sustainable agriculture and is active in Nordic project. Members of the department have received national and international awards for excellence in animal welfare research such as the Felix Wankel Tiershutzforschungspreis and Guldtackan.