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University ‘St. Cyril and Methodius’ (UKIM)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is founded in 1991, as one of 24 faculties members of University Ss Cyril and Methodius Skopje. The Faculty of veterinary medicine is organized in educational-scientific units: Institute for veterinary biomedicine, Veterinary institute, Institute for reproduction, Institute for food and also educational-specialized units or centres. The departments, clinics, and laboratories are incorporated in institutes. For administrative staff one faculty is responsible for administrative services. Total number of staff employed at the faculty is 77 people. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje performs teaching and educational, scientific and research and applicative activity within the field of veterinary science. This structure gives unique merging of the research groups who perform state surveillance program for animal health and public health with educational units of the faculty. One of specialized centres is the Animal Welfare centre which is established in 2008. Activates of this centre are directed to promote animal welfare as scientific discipline at the scientific community organising research projects and collaborations with different stakeholders interested in animal welfare

Main task in project
UKIM has a supporting role in WP 0 to 4.

Experience and network
In 2008 the Animal Welfare centre started to work in the animal welfare research field. The first project in this line was performed in the period January 2008 - March 2008 through collaboration with the RSPCA (UK). At the end of the pilot project two workshops: “Animal Welfare: The European Framework” and “The 3Rs concept – The Legal Framework on the protection of laboratory animals” were held in Ohrid, R. Macedonia, in March 2008. Currently work is done in the field of animal welfare within the project “Western Balkans University Network for Animal Welfare” with timetable Jan 2009- April 2011.The aim of the Network is to undertake initiatives that would ultimately promote animal welfare in the region through academic and scientific engagement, knowledge transfer and information exchange. The multinational and multidisciplinary character of this Network would accommodate and focus on the promotion of new concepts, the transfer of resources, the establishment of joint postgraduate programmes, the exchanges of databases. The Network will work to achieve a closer collaboration between stakeholders such as legislators, enforcers, industry and academics for the advancement of Animal welfare In frame of this network tree subprojects will be developed.
- Animal Welfare training the trainer program is read meat program of The University of Bristol, UK, Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, Division of Farm Animal Science. in the field of animal welfare during production, transport, stunning, slaughter, killing, carcass and meat quality relating to red meat animals, poultry and aquaculture
- Developing a farm visitation and assessment system for conventional farms in the Western Balkans, this is especially important when bearing in mind that most farms in the region are small to medium size and will come under enormous pressure to meet the EU requirements. The farm visitation system would bring together the veterinary profession and the administration in developing a way of working with the farming community and animal keepers in a participatory manner.
- To conduct a comparative study of conventional and alternative education in veterinary, biomedical, and pharmacological faculties in the Western Balkans with aims to conduct a comparative survey of conventional and alternative educational programs and prepare recommendations for the competent authorities.

Staff members
Vlatko Ilieski Ph.D. is head of the Animal Welfare centre he has 17 year working experiences as teaching assistant and professor at Department of functional morphology at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, University ‘St. Cyril and Methodius’. He actively participated at following projects: Project coordinator The Western Balkans University Network for Animal Welfare 09-2008-12-2010 with collaboration of RSPCA 01.09.2008- 01.12.2010; Consortium member of the project: “The importance of chlamydia infections in birds for animal and human in Southeastern Europe”; SEE-ERA-NETs Pilot Joint Call, INTAS ref. Nr 06-1000031-10035 (Epidemiological study of the presence of Chalmudophila psittaci in Southeast Europe and genotypization of isolates September 2007- June 2008* (Under 13); Coordinator of the national project "Animal Chlamydiosis and its zoonotic implications" part of COST action 855 01.09 2004- 01.09.2007; Management committee member of project: "Strengthening the veterinary services in the fYR Macedonia, Harmonization of Veterinary Legislation with the Acquis Communautaire Project Co-ordinator Klaus Meyn GFA Terra Systems GmbH (On the position - Local veterinary expert - Operation of the veterinary sub sector managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction 20.03.2004-15.11.2004); Contact person of Hellenic Development Assistance and Collaboration Program. Scientific programs supported by Ministry of Health of Greece (Survey of epidemiological aspects of BSE, Leishmaniosis, Filariosis and Ricketsiosis) 2002-2003 (Under 13); Coordinator of the Joint European Project (JEP) Tempus project CD_15017 - 2000 (807).

Snezana Ristovska-Jovanovska Ph.D. she works at Faculty of Economics - Skopje Conducting lectures, preparation of study materials (books, case studies), conducting research, participation in different projects and commissions. Main activities and responsibilities: she actively participated in several research projects actively participated in “E – banking in the Republic of Macedonia” International conference: Marketing in 21 st century: Paradigms, Strategies, Tactics” and “Climate Change: The Impact on Corporate Strategy”

Aleksandra Martinovska Stojceska Ph.D. she works at University "Ss Cyril and Methodius" – Skopje Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food - Skopje Department of Agricultural Economics on the position Assistant Professor with main duties preparing and delivering lectures and tutorials in Cost Management and Enterprise Budgets, Valuations in Agriculture and Farm Business Analysis. Also active participant in research and applied agricultural economics related projects. Currently coordinating following projects: FMS data collection upgrade (2007-); Farm business planning (2008); activity coordinator of a research activity with Swedish SLU Uppsala; Cost for production using FADN Daya (2008-2010).

Ivanco Naletoski, Ph.D. he works at Department of Infectious diseases at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, University “St. Cyril and Methodius” on the position of assistant professor. Routine work comprises diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals; participation in the IAEA project; use of immunoassay technologies for diagnosis of brucellosis in sheep and goats; coordinator of an EU FP6 project 043653 ‘Upgrading and introduction of sustainable diagnostic tools for the major transboundery diseases of animals in Fyr of Macedonia’; course director for training for personal fro Tajkistan in the field of Brucelosis serology and molecular diagnostics IAEA project TAD/5/003.

Blagica Sekovska, Ph.D. she works at Department of rural economy and management, Faculty of veterinary medicine, University “St. Cyril and Methodius” on the position of assistant professor. She actively participated on following projects: Measuring of domestic demand of organic agriculture (coordinator of the project) - sponsored by Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of RM; Farmers education on using of IPARD funds for all participants in supply chain in RM (coordinator of the project) with cooperation of Fridrich Naumman foundation January - June 2008.