Project office: Mrs. Anke de Lorm
P.O. Box 65
8200 AB Lelystad, The Netherlands
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Activities within EconWelfare are clustered in complementary work packages. Therefore, first of all, four horizontal work packages are defined targeting the four major questions that need to be answered. Each horizontal work package is led by a senior scientist able to manage inter-disciplinary activities that need to be performed from the animal, chain and society view point.
Secondly, three vertical columns representing the three major target groups (animal, chain, society), are set-up. Each column is coordinated by a senior scientist who is internationally recognised as an authority in that particular discipline, and able to transfer intra-disciplinary information from one WP to another WP.
Finally, two additional supporting work packages are defined: one for communication and dissemination of project information and one for management of the project.

WP0. Communication and dissemination

Main Objective: To interact with representatives of stakeholder groups, organisations or companies in relation to activities and results of the project.

WP1.  Identification and analysis of animal welfare standards and initiatives in the EU and third countries

Main Objective: To carry out an analysis on the current state of animal welfare standards as well as public and private animal welfare initiatives.

WP2. Stakeholder analysis on strength and weaknesses of animal welfare standards and initiatives

Main Objective: To identify the (in)adequacy of current welfare standards based on reviews and stakeholder dialogues.

WP3. Development of policy instruments towards the Action Plan on Animal Welfare

Main Objective: To develop strategic options and documentation methods for the EU to implement and follow the progress of the Action Plan on Animal Welfare.

WP4. Benefits & costs and trade impacts of upgraded animal welfare standards and initiatives

Main Objective: To assess the impact of upgraded animal welfare standards and initiatives for the animal production chain on a European and world level.

WP5. Management